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Experience the transformative power of lynes' UCaaS solutions, bringing the best of tech to your end-users.
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Increase the productivity

Our primary goal is to empower your end-users by providing them with cutting-edge technology, improving their processes in all telephony-related tasks. By offering user-friendly, advanced features, we furnish them with all the essential tools to uplift their efficiency.
We remain committed to amplifying user capabilities by consistently harnessing the power of AI for in-depth analysis, valuable insights, and seamless automation. This approach fosters a more sustainable and economically efficient work environment.

Grow your B2B offer

Strengthen your position and widen your B2B portfolio with lynes to create more business opportunities.
  • Create a better revenue stream
  • Integrated admin UI and dashboard for licenses
  • Quick and easy go to market
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Not our first rodeo

We are one of Swedens biggest independent service providers with a great track record. Today we serve over 30 partners on our home turf.
  • Partner Managers at your disposal
  • Comprehensive training
  • Well crafted partner program

Mobile first

Discover a realm where your smartphone transcends its traditional role. With us and our mobile-first approach, both you and your clients can access all functionalities right from your phone.
  • Mobile first design
  • No external portal for adjustments
  • Uniform experience across desktop and mobile platforms

Reducing tickets

More than just a robust platform, we focus on the broader perspective. Our scalable solution is crafted to ensure fewer support tickets for your team.
  • Self-service in-app for subscription handling
  • Comprehensive in-app management for both parties
  • Resourceful Help Center filled with guides and video walkthroughs

Turn-key solution

Our turn-key, serverless solution, complete with subscription options, awaits deployment for your clientele. If you’re aiming for a swift “go-to-market” strategy, we’re your ideal ally.
  • Available in over 60 countries
  • Low costs and initial risks
  • Hassle-free deployment with no server configurations

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Increased revenue?

Take the first step in increasing your revenue while creating more value for your customers. We are ready to invest in your success and are committed to your business from the start!






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