To streamline the administration of your business phone system, we've designed a clever and user-friendly self-service feature available within the app. This integral part of your subscription lets you effortlessly adjust settings, oversee your subscriptions, and manage users. Coupled with our swift support, it minimizes your lead times, making the entire process more convenient for you.

Smart Features with lynes

  • Set the opening hours for your switchboard
  • Add, modify, or delete users, answer groups, and more
  • Purchase and tweak existing subscriptions
  • Craft new audio messages using text-to-speech
  • Adjust rights and team settings
  • Equally effective on mobile and desktop
  • Review logs to monitor changes

Full Control & Transparent Overview

In lynes, ownership remains unmistakably yours. As an administrator, you delegate permissions to your colleagues, granting them full or partial access to manage the service. You retain complete control, with a clear overview of assigned permissions in the app. Hence, colleagues aren’t solely dependent on you when it comes to onboarding a new user, managing the switchboard, or adding more data to the subscription.

Editing Users

Users with permissions can, among other things:

  • Log in/out agents from response groups
  • Remove as an agent
  • View lists of groups where they have supervisory roles
  • View permissions through assigned roles

Super Search

The Super Search is a company-wide feature offering quick access to search & edit:

  • Users
  • Answer groups & IVR
  • Numbers

Personal Settings

As an administrator, you can easily edit another user’s personal settings, such as:

  • Number management
  • Workday settings
  • Notifications

Manage Lynes, Anywhere You Are

Our interface is crafted to serve you just as efficiently in the office as in the field. That’s why you can execute all tasks on mobile as you can on a desktop: place orders, monitor opening hours, and oversee billing. We also continually update with new functionalities and enhancements. If there’s something you’re missing, let us know!

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