Entra ID

With Microsoft's Entra ID, you get a cloud-based identity and access management service that lets you control access to internal and external resources using permissions and groupings. Our sync with lynes allows you to manage all information from the app directly in your Entra.

Keep track of your users

Avoid double administration when you let Entra ID handle user data in the app. When a change occurs in Entra ID, that change will also be written in the app. This way, you save time and can easily ensure that all information is correct.

How it works

Once the sync is set up, Entra and lynes will communicate in the background to ensure that all user information is correct, including:

  • New users in Entra ID who are not found in the app
  • Changes in names, departments, and other
  • Users with active sync and inactive sync

Choose between automatic and manual sync to suit your needs.

Synchronize Lynes with Entra

If you are an administrator in your Entra ID, you can easily set up the sync by allowing access to lynes. If not, you can generate a URL in the app and send it to your admin who then approves the access, after which you can control:

  • Synchronization settings (manual or daily)
  • Synchronized fields from Entra to the app
  • Notification settings
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