Lime CRM

This is Lime 'Market-leading CRM system for you who seek a seamless overall experience and a smarter way to do business. Always tailored to your business for a simpler workday – locally produced and delivered with love.'

See who’s calling

The Lime integration performs an automatic search in your CRM for incoming calls and presents the result in the app.

As long as you keep your CRM organized, you will always see in the app who is calling you.

From here, you can also click directly to the customer card.

Calls logged in Lime

When the integration is active, calls are automatically logged with the contact you spoke with.

This way, your colleagues can see that you have spoken with the customer.

Here’s how it works:

Our integration communicates in the background, via API, with Lime CRM. In this way, you get access to lots of clever functions such as:

  • Automatically logged calls
  • Caller ID
  • See Lime activities directly in the app

Activate the integration

  1. Via Insights, click on ‘Connect integration’
  2. Select Lime CRM
  3. Follow the instructions
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